The Zoof can be easily installed by following the instructions provided in the user manual For an easy assembly of the Zoof, the box comes with a Quick Start Guide as well as a user manual that will provide you with the necessary guidance In addition, we made an unboxing video on Youtube. Watch the video here: youtube.com/@ZoofHQ

The Zoof is sold through our distributors worldwide Please contact us for the correct address.

We have four colours available at the moment!

  • Beachwalk Blue
  • Calm Air Grey
  • Rose Tea Beige
  • Zoof Green

The colors are visible on the cushions, wheels and stitching of the storage basket.

Check our product page to see the different options down to the last detail

Yes they do, the wheelchair is modular! This means that both small wheels, large wheels and later, electric subframe, can all be attached to the same frame.

The Urban frame is 10.5 kg. The Classic is slightly heavier than the Urban because of the double integrated footrest: 10.8 kg.

The fabric of the cushions can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

You can easily fold the Zoof in one motion and disconnect the wheels. Our folding mechanism allows the frame to be turned into a narrow package that easily fits any car trunk

In the country you purchased your Zoof, we provide service and maintenance at our points of sale/ shops! Get in touch with us for checking out our terms and conditions.

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